Our Company’s Story

MLS Marketing Company Limited was incorporated in November, 2017 with its office located at 14/19 Delta Plaza, Tradefair Complex, Lagos. MLS has its wholesale and retail operations carried out at the same Complex. An extension of its distribution outlets is located at the popular Akpagbon food market, Lagos Island, Lagos.

MLS broad objective is to extend presence across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria and the West coast. MLS started trading same month it was incorporated.

MLS main focus is food production, packaging, sales and distribution such as bakery ingredients, Spices, Cereal, Grains, Canned food and Beverages, Salad ingredient and organic products.


MLS Marketing Company Limited is a wholly Nigerian Company- established in November, 2017. Our main focus is production and distribution of high quality packaged food. MLS envisages wider demand for its products both locally (Nigerian Market) and the West Coast.

As a fully registered Nigerian Company, MLS has Golden Sparrow and Rano as its trading brand names. MLS retail outlets are strategically located at Delta Plaza, Tradefair Complex, Lagos and the major Akpagbon food market, Lagos Island. The Tradefair shop serves as both storage, wholesale and retail outlet.

MLS market penetration strategy is driven by its customer friendly approach, quality emphasis, secure packaging and competitive pricing. MLS plans to create strategic retail outlets nationwide as well as direct distribution to buyers. Our vision is to be the Choice Provider of quality edible packaged foods in Nigeria and the West coast.

Production procedure: Our products are currently sourced and produced from across the globe using comparative advantage approach. Our focus is to offer the best to our customers.

Our Suppliers: Our suppliers are reputable business organizations with high quality track record. While we work towards supply base expansion, MLS is always guided by its quality policy parameters.

Market Position: Our products are known in the market and positioned to compete with world best quality products.

Customer Management: MLS maintains good customer relationship by ensuring steady quality supply, Constant follow up and quick replenishment. Our customer relationship management involves account segmentation and allocation of key account managers. Unique selling Position and pricing strategy: We employ customer friendly approach, good quality assurance strategy and competitive pricing policy as our market penetration strategy. MLS anticipates 60% growth rate within the next 12 calendar months.

Our Mission Statement

We ensure prompt Customer friendly service at all times.

We ensure best possible product packaging that meets our customer’s delight.

We strive for the best material input sourcing.

We Strive for continuous quality improvement.

Our Strength

We leverage on our existing Group Network.

High Quality products.

Committed workforce.

Our Group Personnel support- especially on channel distribution.

Management skill and expertise.

Our Group CEO strategic support.

Our Goals

To create market share and acceptability for our new brand of products.

We target 60% growth by the 4th quarter of 2018.

We are focused to making MLS products household choice in the whole of Africa.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the Choice Provider of quality edible packaged foods in Nigeria and the West coast.

some of our products

best quality products

“Juices of fruits and vegetables are pure gifts from Mother Nature and the most natural way to heal your body.”

Bakery Ingredient
Cereal & Groceries
Aromatic Herbs

Our Core Values


    Recongnize that passion and personality matter


    We do the right thing


    A commitment to building strong communities


    We are constantly improving


    We strive to create economic opportunities


    What we do, we do well